gigasept® instru AF 2 litre

gigasept® instru AF 2 litre

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Aldehyde-free disinfection and cleaning of surgical instruments and anaesthetic equipment

? aldehyde-free
? meets the European standards
? excellent cleaning performance
? fresh and pleasant smell
? shortened contact time with ultrasonic
? very good material compatibility
? excellent cleaning power
? innovative agent combination effective against bacteria (incl. mycobacterium terrae) and fungi
? use solution stable for 7 days

gigasept? instru AF is and aldehyde-free disinfectant and cleaner for instruments of any kind (Except for flexible endoscope).
Thanks to its excellent cleaning performance ? especially in an ultrasonic bath ? and its comprehensive microbiological efficacy,
gigasept? instru AF offers all important product features for instrument reprocessing in hospitals and practices.