Cattani Turbo Jet 2 Suction Motor

Cattani Turbo Jet 2 Suction Motor

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This unit has a powerful motor designed for use with tip supports which are unit or cabinet mounted, compliant with ISO 10637 for vacuum.

Turbo Jet 1 motors are thermally protected and come complete with ISO4 Amalgam separation, compliant
with ISO 11143.
Turbo Jet 1 can be purchased with a fitted sound-reducing cabinet, which reduces noise levels to 52 dB(A).
Please note: Sound-reducing cabinet cannot be retrofitted.
  • Motor protected by a thermal device.
  • Output power 0.80 kW 6.1 A, maximum flow 650 l/min, maximum operating head for continuous service 2300 mm H2O.
  • Suggested for two surgeries working at the same time: the first one with tip no. 17 or 20 and the second one with tip no. 9/10/21 or saliva ejector.
  • Sound pressure level with canalized air 65 dB (A).
  • W= 560 mm D= 440 mm H= 380 mm
  • Net Weight= 27 Kg (Gross Weight= 32 kg)