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A comprehensive range of dental equipment, big and small, to meet all your needs.

Complete range of imaging equipment and accessories for your diagnostic needs.

A wide selection of filling, bonding and polishing materials you need for your procedures.

Crown & Bridge materials that best meet your patient’s treatment needs.

Give your patients perfect oral health with our range of premium quality oral care products.

We have everything you need for your implant & oral surgery procedures.

A wide range of files and other accessories you need for all your endo procedures.

Brackets, wires, tubes and everything else you need for your orthodontic treatments.

A complete range of hand instruments to meet every possible need in your dental practice.

Wide range of equipment, liquids, wipes, etc. to disinfect all kinds of surfaces and instruments.

A selection of key disposable products every dental clinic needs.

A full range of anaesthetic products and accessories to support your dental procedures.

Tooth whitening, practice management, sealant, varnish, etc.