Flow Dental RAPD Paralleling Kit with Bite-Wing

Flow Dental RAPD Paralleling Kit with Bite-Wing

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The Right Angle Positioning Device Paralleling Kit with Bite-Wing includes: 4 Aiming Rings (2 Anterior/Bite-Wing and 2 Posterior), 4 Indicator Arms (1 Anterior, 1 Bite-Wing, and 2 Posterior), and 16 Bite Blocks (4 Anterior, 8 Posterior, and 4 Bite-Wing). Each piece of the RAPiD Kit can be sterilized using a steam autoclave. Use of the autoclave’s drying cycle is not recommended, nor is the use of ultrasonic cleaners, cold sterilizing solutions, or other chemical treatments. Flow Dental Positioning Devices are proudly made in the USA.