NSK VA970 LUX Portable Scaler

NSK VA970 LUX Portable Scaler

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The smart compact design provides high-performance
The functionality required for ultrasonic applications is available in the most-advanced model in our compact series, the Varios 970. Our high-capacity 2 bottle system allows users to focus on safe treatment without worrying about water irrigation. Simple daily maintenance with auto rinse function and seamless body design. Through intensive study of user feedback we have managed to achieve high operability and safety.

– Power Supply: AC 230 V 50/60 Hz
– Frequency: 28-32 kHz
– Max. Output: 11 W
– Dimensions : W 160 x D 270 x H 190 mm (Including Bottle)
– Unit Weight: 2.1 kg (Except Attachment)
– Bottle Volume: 400 mL (x 2 Bottles)

– Control Unit
– Handpiece (Optic – LED)
– Handpiece Cord
– 3 Scaling Tips (G4, G6, G8)
– Foot Control (FC-70)
– 2 x Irrigation Bottles
– 3 x Tips Wrench with Torque Limiter
– AC Power Cord
– Sterilization Case