CS 12460 Velvet (Cannister)

CS 12460 Velvet (Cannister)

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36 pieces in a plastic box

Love your gums

Are there really 12,460 filaments?!

To try the CS 12460 velvet is to believe it. It’s sensationally gentle. This is mindful oral health. Love your gums.

Take some time out for you and your oral health. Quietly. Twice a day. The CS 12460 velvet is sensationally gentle on tooth enamel and gums.

Brushing your teeth becomes a nourishing daily ritual.

12,460 special Curen® filaments guarantee the smoothest Curaprox experience of all. For strong beautiful teeth and healthy gums… without enamel damage, without receding gums. This is your authentic smile. This is the real you.


CS 12460 velvet:

– Love your gums

– 12,460 ultra-fine Curen® filaments…

– … each just 0.08 mm in diameter

– The densely-packed Curen® filaments form a highly-efficient, uniquely gentle cleaning surface

– Slightly angled, compact brush head for optimal cleaning

– Octagonal handle to ensure you brush at the correct 45 degree cleaning angle

– 36 colour combinations

– Developed and manufactured in Switzerland


Four steps to a nourishing daily ritual:

1. Take some time out for you and your oral health. Every morning. Every night.

2. Hold the toothbrush with a 45 degree angle – half on the teeth, half on the gum.

3. Move in small, gentle circles – almost without any pressure. Let your toothbrush guide you.

4. Savour the moment. Mindful. Beautiful.